Unique mount innovation

Gummed mounts may seem a good idea but do not stick to all types of paper, for example, some papers that are coated. In addition, you will need a sponge or shammy and some water but if you use too much water, the paper will buckle. And if you don’t apply enough water, the mounts won’t stick properly and will fall off.

Now we have the new DAVO easy – a unique self-adhesive mount.

A mount that is easy to use and that does not require water, a sponge or a shammy. And as a result, the problems of the past have disappeared – no buck- ling paper, no mounts falling off.

DAVO Easy transparant

DAVO Easy black

One other important advantage is that the DAVO easy sticks on any kind of paper. Whether your book is laminated, coated or on high gloss paper, it is very simple; once affixed, it sticks.

How do they work?

No need for water, a sponge or a shammy

Remove the protective paper from the mount

Place the mount and press the adhesive strip lightly to secure it

Overview of all the available sizes: